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Members of our professional staff have over 175 years combined experience in a wide variety of disciplines which include product development, formulation, application, web coating, converting, and product testing.  CannaPatch Technologies™ has consulted with and provided training to QA, QC, R&D and production staff members worldwide for many industries.

Services Include
-    Material searches and selection
-    Back ground of adhesive knowledge
-    Formulation and compounding development
-    Equipment training
-    Converting services
-    Packaging selection 

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CannaPatch Technologies provides hands-on, technical training to those interested in learning more.  Members of our professional staff of adhesive consultants and scientists have experience in a wide variety of disciplines including materials selection, formulating, converting and packaging.
With purchases of equipment CannaPatch Technologies offers a two day training session at our headquarters in Mentor, Ohio.  Our instructors are experienced in every aspect of adhesive formulation, transdermal patch production, equipment use, testing and problem solving. This course covers adhesives, liners, coating, drying and converting.  We also offer the same course at your facility.  
Pricing for training courses varies on the number of attendees.  Contact us for pricing and more information.



CannaPatch Technologies offers research and development of transdermal patch products.  With our expert staff, we can help develop or improve your transdermal patch products.  Our proven approach helps you develop formulations, material selection, coated and laminated products reaching your decision faster for your transdermal product.  We eliminate the time from development to market.
Once lab development and testing is complete, CannaPatch Technologies will help train you to produce your transdermal patch product on a low or high volume production scale, using our equipment.  While offering and using our QA equipment, it will make sure you produce the same product consistently.  
Contact us for product development questions and pricing.  

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